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PhD study on revision & post-editing

Revision & Post-Editing – A Workplace Study of Translator-Computer Interaction at TextMinded®
The project studies translation processes where both translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT) technology is applied and focuses on the translators’ interaction with this type of technology and the workflows involved in the translation process.
TextMinded® finds it important to support research projects and empower the empirical approach to the professional translation industry research. Kristine Bundgaard, a PhD fellow at Aarhus University, did her workplace study with us.
2013, April
Kristine Bundgaard is a State Authorised Translator with a particularly strong interest for translation technology and translation processes. She is currently employed as a PhD fellow at the Department of Business Communication, School of Business and Social Sciences, at Aarhus University.

“It was definitely the right place to conduct this type of research and get a first-hand view of how an innovative company such as TextMinded works with translation technology”.

Kristine Bundgaard

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