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The Brief.

Create a platform for a fully-integrated, multilingual, website workflow – fully integrated CMS system with the translation platform.

CMS: Sitecore®

Parties: Clay Tablet™ and TextMinded®

The founding principle is to remove the linguists from the CMS, while still allowing them to:

  • see the draft translation in layout
  • edit the text
  • see the updated version in layout

Clay Tablet™ is a Sitecore® partner that has developed an integrated module to handle translatable text in a secure and easy workflow; TextMinded introduced a cloud-based translation setup, the ability to proof in layout, and an administration tool.

The Solution.

This is a solution that allows all parties – from translators to client market proofers and QA teams – to view and edit an online web text while still being fully connected to client’s translation memories and terminology.

The solution unites ‘two worlds’, CMS and the translation platform, while optimising the client experience in a translation workflow – all this to secure high quality, easy access, an effective flow, and consequently a better time-to-market.

By building the bridge between the CMS and the translation platform, Clay Tablet™ and TextMinded are empowering translators and client market proofers to see the translated text in layout: a solution where the web editor approves an actual view of the translated website before releasing a live version of the target language.
This open loop closes only when the market proofer signs off, allowing the new text to go live on the client’s website.

The Conclusion

The solution saves time, eases the website translation flow, and secures a high quality global communication.

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