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We strive to help everybody work smarter – not harder. Working smarter is not only about skills. It is also about having the right tools at the right time. This page is dedicated to our clients and colleagues to help them access our resources and get help when needed. Unable to find what you were looking for? Please let us know.

Word Banks

Go straight to the section about
Word Banks.


Find a direct link to your TextMinded® DK SharePoint site.


Go straight to the section about our FTP server.


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Upload a file

Use this form to upload a file for your project manager (500 mb limit).


If you have a SharePoint portal, this is where you log on.

Online Proofing Tools

Webproof allows our clients to add comments and requests while working online in a browser. Our workflows ensure that all stakeholders are always updated on how projects progress, and email notifications tell our DTP team when to start a job.

Frontlab is slightly more advanced, allowing our clients to implement their changes in the actual InDesign file while being able to preview any changes. All changes made are uploaded to our translation memories, ensuring consistency over time.

Word Banks

Word Bank is a versatile and flexible termbase. It has a web front-end and can be integrated with client ERP systems, etc. Please find a direct link to your Word Bank in the list on the right.

SharePoint Sites

We use SharePoint extensively for optimising cooperations with our clients. It helps all stakeholders share knowledge, exchange files, manage orders and projects, and it offers access to relevant Business Intelligence.


Our FTP server is used for exchanging large files and other data unsuitable for email with our clients and vendors. The server is a standard FTP server which we make as easy to use as possible for everybody.

Clients can ask their TextMinded DK project manager for a login. Vendors receive a login in their project order notifications. We do not accept anonymous logins.

If you experience any problems logging in, please let us know. You can download files using any browser. However, to upload files you will need to use either Internet Explorer in File Explorer mode or a proper FTP client such as Filezilla.

File Service is a web front-end for our FTP server. That means it can be accessed using just a browser. Since it works as any other website (using port 443), corporate users sometimes find it easier to use than the standard FTP (port 21).

If you need to transfer confidential material over an encrypted connection, let us know, and we will provide the details on how to proceed.


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