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Say Hello  Bonjour  Hola to the MindLincs® Dashboard!

Our new integrated platform – this changes everything

The MindLincs® Dashboard empowers everyone, everywhere to communicate anything to anyone in any language.
An easy-to-use palette of language technology solutions, the MindLincs Dashboard solves complicated communication challenges in a simple, intuitive way.


Generate a quote on the fly; search in your own multilingual dictionaries and translations; upload a presentation and get it auto-translated within 30 seconds – and of course you can even translate yourself! Everything has been brought together in a MindLincs® Dashboard tailor-made for you and your colleagues.


Ten business intelligence reports are updated every day to provide you with information about how you are spending your communication budget and how your language data is growing.
You can also see all open orders and quickly contact the TextMinder handling any specific project.


We believe in the Power of Sharing. Every time a sentence is translated for you or by you, everyone else can share it, recycle it and save your company money while generating even more multilingual communication.
The MindLincs® Dashboard will help you turn translation costs into communication profits.

Real-time business intelligence reports that give you an insight into the statistics of your global communication activities: all that matter to you and your team visualized in a simple and elegant way.

Double-click on one of the four main reports from the main Dashboard page to see more details and the data behind the graphics, or select Business Intelligence in the left-hand menu to access more reports.

Quick and easy access to finding out what the costs of your multilingual projects might be. 24/7 you can order quotes based on your particular pricing matrix – and all recycling discounts for your specific texts taken into account too!

The heart of every communication platform is the terminology. For far too long terminology has been something translators do and use. Nonsense. Terminology is for everyone – is used in everything. If everyone in your company used just this one MindLincs® tile, we are sure that the resulting linguistic consistency achieved throughout your organisation would be raised significantly.

It’s simple, intuitive – and right at your finger tips.

Many companies have banned the use of Google Translate as there are huge question marks about confidentiality. Nor can you train Google. The machine translation engines in your MindLincs® Dashboard are confidential and tailor-made with your terminology and translation data. They speak your language. Cut and paste your text in the tile and it will be translated immediately.

But there’s more! Upload a file (perhaps a PowerPoint presentation), and MindLincs checks in the translation memory first and only then uses machine translation technology, i.e. if a sentence in your PowerPoint has been translated before, it will be there again. We are sure you’ll love this functionality!

Quick access to your Online Proofing tool of choice, directly from the Dashboard, rather than having to log on elsewhere.

Track and manage all your ongoing orders. It’s about simplicity, productivity and overview.

These two tiles provide you with a complete view of all the current quotes your company has requested and of your projects that are currently underway at TextMinded®.

Both tiles are fully integrated with TextMinded’s finance system, linking all your metadata to the rest of your MindLincs® Dashboard.

The MindLincs® Dashboard is all about breaking down silos. This tile gives you access to every sentence ever translated for you. Search across all your company data and find invaluable help and inspiration to create new texts – or recycle quality material from previous assignments.

Less than 100th of one percent of all information in the world is available in more than one language. At TextMinded® we believe that it should be possible for everyone, everywhere to communicate anything to anyone in any language in the world.

This tile empowers you to translate yourself. Drag and drop a file into the tile and you will be presented with a pre-translation. You can then go into the translation and edit what MindLincs® has suggested.

We’re sure you’ll get the hang of it really quickly – some TextMinded® clients are already translating hundreds of files doing just this.

What does it contain?

    • Business intelligence
    • Get a Quick Quote
    • My Company Terminology
    • My Instant Translation
    • My Online Proofing
    • My open orders
    • My Quotes
    • My TextMinded Contacts
    • My Translation Memory Search
    • Services & Solutions
    • The TextMinded Channel
    • Translate a File
    • Training sessions (3 hours)
    • Embrace
    • DKK0free of charge
    • 60-day trial
    • 60-day trial
    • 60-day trial

    *The monthly fee will vary depending on how many machine translation engines you wish to run.
    NB The monthly fee does not include initial implementation or ongoing machine translation costs.

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